United Airline’s New Policy

A couple of days ago, I got to read about the United Airline’s new policy that it will also let passengers, travelling  with little children, board earlier than the other passengers. I am very glad to see this because I had a very bad experience, a few years back when I was travelling along with my little daughter and when we get  boarded, the plane was almost full and they do not have any spot in the over head bin to put my carry on bag, so they forced me to check my bag at the gate. Anyone, who travel with a toddler could imagine how tough it would be to travel with a little child, without having any of his favorite toy. I’ve had a very hard time, my child was not happy at all and screaming. People were looking at us and it was all because the airline was so unorganized and didn’t get families, travelling with the little one’s, chance to get on board earlier like most of the other airlines do.

I am hoping that this policy will help families, travelling with their little ones, and at least  would take some of their travel stress out of them.

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